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Levy B Construction Asphalt Paving, Spray Foam Insulation, Painting in Amarillo


We offer many different services including asphalt paving, tar & gravel, crushed asphalt or recycled asphalt, seal coating, patching, striping, and hot rubber crack fill.


Driveways, private roads, Subdivisions etc! We do design layout, grading, gravel, asphalt paving, crushed asphalt, tar & chip seal and seal coating.


Parking lots, roads, airport runways, golf cart paths, walking paths, etc. We do design layout, grading, gravel, asphalt paving, crushed asphalt, tar & chip seal, crushed asphalt, patching,seal coating, striping, speed bumps and emergency repairs


Warehouses, factories, lumber yards, truck terminals, etc. We do all of commercial and heavy duty asphalt installation.


The entrance to your home begins with your driveway. Improved asphalt techniques and other new surface treatments allow you to have a more attractive entrance than ever before. A poorly designed and constructed driveway that begins to crack and crumble after the first year is far more expensive than a well constructed driveway taht costs a little more to start with , but remaind solid and attractive for many years with minimum upkeep. Remember that a good driveway is a major construction job that must be carried out according to rigid specifications.
At Levy B. Construction, we understand that you have a choice when choosing a asphalt paving contractor. Please keep the following in mind when choosing a contractor. Unlicensed contractors may not have liability insurance or bonding and they have no enforceable warranties for the work they do. Remember the lowest bid is not always the best bid. Crushed asphalt is often referred to as “recycled asphalt“. It is becoming a more popular trend among  homeowners and businesses for the following reasons: It is affordable, environmentally friendly, has excellent bonding qualities, and has a unique appearance


1. Asphalt surfaces are flexible and as temperatures rise and fall, you may notice the surface will harden and soften. This is normal, so on really hot days you may want to lightly spray water on the surface in the heat of the day to cool and harden it.
2. Don’t be alarmed if soapsuds appear, this is a natural reaction between the asphalt and chlorine levels in the water. 
3. Power steering marks and scuffing are common in new asphalt and newly sealcoated driveways. Try to avoid turning the wheel with the vehicle in a stationary position. Turning while stopped can cause the asphalt to move and scar the new surface. 
4. Excessive weight from large vehicles can depress your surface,as can the weight from the tongue of stored campers and boats. 
5. The inherent flexibility of asphalt allows rough areas and scars to heal themselves in time and under traffic, while larger tears can be touched up. Asphalt hardens as it ages and becomes much less likely to scr or depress.


 Once your asphalt has cured it is advisable to apply a sealer to your pavement. This process is called “seal coating”. Seal coating can Enhance the appearance of pavement and add to the value of your property. It slows oxidation, water penetration, and surface raveling. Seal Coating resists gas and oil- type spills. It will extend the life of your pavement. After the initial application of sealer, it is recommended to reapply every 1-3 years.

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