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Preparing Surface for Painting


Surface preparation is the backbone of every industrial painting system.The service life of a coating depends on the degree of surface preparation achieved as much as it depends on material selection and application.All coating systems will eventually fail; however, premature failures are often the result of inadequate surface preparation.Even surface preparations that achieve an acceptable margin of cleanliness but leave contaminants on the surface will tend to lessen the coating service life. Thus,cleanliness of the substrate is an essential and integral component of a coating system.Having that in mind,surface preparation is a major paragon which dictates the failure or success of a coatings system.
At Levy B, we utilize the best practices in accordance with manufacturers and industry guidance’s,to achieve the proper cleanliness and surface profile in steel and concrete required for a successful coatings system. Safety is of great importance in industrial painting environments and for that reason we have put in place methods to prevent or control work site hazards, to ensure that all our painting services taking place in a safe environment for personnel and structures, following local and federal environmental and occupational laws and practices.


  • Abrasive blasting (sandblasting)
  • Shot Blasting
  • Floor grinding
  • Chemical stripping
  • Solvent cleaning
  • Hand/Power tool cleaning
  • Hi-Pressure Water cleaning

At Levy B we realize that every client has a different combination of needs (size of project, limitations,requirements,specifications).Our job is to understand your unique needs so we can formulate and execute the best solution for your project.Utilizing the latest technology in products and equipment along with continually trained highly skilled professionals, we are committed to deliver your project in a timely manner,safely and in a cost effective way.

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