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Steel Painting by Levy B Construction


Steel and it’s alloys is the backbone of our industrious society and virtually everywhere, susceptible to numerous corrosive working environments. Steel painting and coatings is the way to protect it against the elements and maintain it’s structural integrity. Levy B is your partner in the fight against corrosion, helping you maintain your infrastructure in top working order and keep your equipment safe and productive. From steel surface preparation to the application of coatings, Levy B brings the experience and expertise necessary for a successful coatings project. We appoint the quality control measures and procedures needed to assure that every square foot of your project receives the proper surface preparation and installation of coatings to achieve the maximum work life from your coatings system.

Steel Painting Services include:

• Structural steel

• Architectural steel

• Metal roofs

• Water & Fuel Storage Tanks

• Pipes & Lines

• Silos & Bins

• Cranes & Rails

• Stacks & Ducts

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